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ul. Szamarzewskiego 31 /19
NIP: 7812061811

REGON: 52713546200000


ul. Szamarzewskiego 31 /19
NIP: 7812061811

REGON: 52713546200000


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We all create one unique Software house

Our services

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E-Commerce Stores

We create professional e-commerce stores on various platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, as well as custom solutions tailored to enable efficient online business management.

Strony internetowe. Strony WordPress

WordPress Websites

We design and create aesthetically and functional websites on CMS platforms like WordPress, as well as develop custom programming solutions in various front-end frameworks such as React, Angular, or Vue.Js.

Identyfikacja wizualna marki. Stworzymy tożsamość Twojej przyszłej marki.

Visual Branding

We design unique and consistent visual branding elements to attract new customers and stay in their memory for a long time. We give brands a new identity and revive their soul so they can finally shine in the eyes of their potential customers.

Niestandardowe rozwiązania programistyczne. Custom Development Solutions.

Custom Programming Solutions

We design and develop unique, custom programming solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business to streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Tworzymy aplikacje mobilne dla biznesu.

Mobile Applications

We create innovative mobile applications tailored to your business needs and customers, to increase efficiency and enable convenient task management using mobile devices.

Aplikacje webowe i cross-platformowe od naszego Software House'u.

Web and cross-platform applications

We offer modern business management systems, enabling easy and effective business management through process automation and a clear vision of the financial situation.

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Our previous projects

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Our technologies

Nasze technologie Front End, technologie BackEnd, CMS, Native oraz Cross Platform. Obsługujemy 130 deweloperów w tych technologiach, gdyż współpracujemy z złotym partnerem Google - firmą Zealousys.
Nasze technologie Front End, technologie BackEnd, CMS, Native oraz Cross Platform. Obsługujemy 130 deweloperów w tych technologiach, gdyż współpracujemy z złotym partnerem Google - firmą Zealousys.
Nasze technologie są najlepszeFront End, technologie BackEnd, CMS, Native oraz Cross Platform. Obsługujemy 130 deweloperów w tych technologiach, gdyż współpracujemy z złotym partnerem Google - firmą Zealousys.

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What do clients say about us?

Our values


Maciej Szkudlarek

Maciej Szkudlarek - kancelaria prawna strona www

I highly recommend! Professional approach and full commitment. Mr. Grzegorz not only helped me choose a website design, but also adapted it to my needs and requirements. Knowledge and amount of ideas - wow! I sincerely recommend and thank you for your help and cooperation.

Opinia z fanpage DIGITAL-IMAGES. Michała Burdzika interesowały strony WordPress, na której można byłoby stworzyć platformę E-Learningową.
Opinia nr 2 z Facebooka firmowego DIGITAL-IMAGES. Pan Maciej Szkudlarek potrzebował strony internetowej dla kancelarii prawnej. Stworzyliśmy ją na silniku WebWave.

Michał Maikelb Burdzik

Michał Burdzik - focusonthegame, strony Wordpress, platforma szkoleniowa, E-Learningowa WordPress

I would like to share my impressions about working with Mr. Grzegorz, who created a custom platform for me to sell online courses. I am extremely satisfied with the results. I can boast that the website is already attracting its first customers.

From the very beginning of our several-day cooperation, he understood my requirements and goals that I wanted to achieve. He was open to my suggestions and ideas, while also providing his valuable opinions and tips to enhance the website's effectiveness. His professional approach and ability to listen to the client greatly facilitated our cooperation and gave me confidence that I am in good hands.

I highly recommend him to everyone!


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We are a Top Web Design company by
Logotype Zealousys - Software house. Technological partner. Partner technologiczny firmy DIGITAL-IMAGES

Technological partner:

Software House


A few words from us


Working in online mode from our own office gives us a lot of pleasure. It allows for self-realization and creating dream projects according to the vision of our clients and our own, thanks to which we constantly learn and develop our skills to become a better version of ourselves tomorrow. Working with a client is something special. If you don't like it, it's better to make friends with it as soon as possible.



"Success comes hand in hand with the people who create it."

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DIGITAL-IMAGES Software House to firma specjalizująca się w tworzeniu dedykowanego oprogramowania, wykorzystując technologie takie jak React, Angular, Vue.Js Java, PHP, Laravel, Flutter...

DIGITAL-IMAGES Software House is a company specializing in creating custom software, using technologies such as React, Angular, Vue.Js Java, PHP, Laravel, Flutter...

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Jako Software house zajmujemy się także tworzeniem aplikacji webowych, aplikacji mobilnych, aplikacji desktopowych oraz niestandardowych rozwiązań programistycznych, takich jak konfiguratory produktu, czy kalkulatory wyceny online.


We are developers, programmers, and IT enthusiasts with years of experience in designing websites, E-Commerce sales platforms such as PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and custom programming solutions tailored to individual client needs.


Our services provide our clients with comprehensive solutions that significantly optimize and automate business processes, as well as the ability to easily scale the business and, above all, increase revenues. We are experts in presenting companies online, so we will create a unique, distinctive brand image for you.


We focus on modernity, punctuality, and accuracy in every project we undertake. We have a vision of what our clients ultimately expect and we do everything in our power to provide it to them.








We constantly observe rapidly changing trends in the market and strive to adapt to them as quickly as possible. Our knowledge allows us to continuously make use of the opportunities we have and know inside out, which is why our services and products are always up-to-date.






Team and Atmosphere


We are a young team with immeasurable ambitions and huge potential, as well as knowledge gained through continuous shaping of our individual career development paths. We have a wealth of ideas and solutions that we strive to implement practically every day.








Among the team members, you can meet Senior IT Back-end Developers, Front-end Developers, IT Project Managers, IT Consultants, Graphic Designers, UX/UI Designers, as well as those who simply enjoy creating websites and other experienced IT specialists.